I suppose I need to write a bit about me, seeing as this is my website...

    Currently, I'm 23 and a graduate from The University of Texas at Tyler and Tyler Junior College. At UT Tyler, I obtained a bachelor's degree in computer science, and at TJC, I obtained an associate's degree in game design and simulation.

    I like to play video games (mainly old ones, Nintendo ones, or PC games), program, hang out with friends, play guitar, camping, going to church, and all sorts of other stuff that I'm not gonna bother putting down.

    I've got a lot of projects going on now that keep me pretty darn busy. Not to mention the game engine that I am programming that this site focuses on, I am also building a MAME arcade machine. It's getting closer and closer to completion, and I can't wait until it's done.

    I suppose here are some links I can give you that you can use to find me should you have any of the following accounts:
Destructoid Blog
Youtube Channel
Allegro Forum Profile