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posted Mar 29, 2011, 9:37 PM by T. J. Chapman
Hello all! As of late I have been working on character graphics-- more specifically, animation. Recently I have ditched the old pixelated look of the game in favor of actually redrawing all of the old graphics in a new high definition format that will look quite nice once it is complete.

One interesting thing is the way I am doing the main character's sprite-- it will actually be a compilation of three separate sprites layered on top of each other. First, the legs of the character will be drawn, and then on top of that the torso and head will go, and then after that, the character's gun, then the arms will be placed on top of it all. This will enable me to create more frames of animation without actually having a manually drawn out bitmap for each individual case. This will cut down on the time I have to spend on graphics by not making me have to draw out multiple cases for instance with the character running at a particular frame in the animation, but also aiming upwards. I can simply animate the feet, and then place the character aiming upwards graphic on top of that, without having to specifically create a running animation where the character is aiming down, left, up, etc. The programming will all animate this for me!

As per usual, I will make a video once I've got a good animation test. This will make a big difference in the game's progress, and make it look much more like an actual video game, and not just some weird block video. I am also simultaneously switching the game over to XNA 4.0 so we shall see how long this will take!

Anyhow, until then!!
- Falcon Five