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Dummy Blocks

posted Jun 2, 2011, 10:27 PM by T. J. Chapman
I'm going to implement fake blocks that will be placed within levels-- these blocks will fill areas that the player can't get to-- on the inside of shapes and stuff, surrounded by real blocks. These dummy blocks will, when the level is loaded, tell real blocks not to bother with collisions on the inside-- for instance, a real block that has a dummy block on the right side, will essentially turn off the ability for that real block to collide on the right side. This will make the engine a bit more efficient in the long run.

Also, I have begun the porting of slopes from my old engine into the new XNA based engine. It is coming along, with plenty of bugs of course. Hopefully I'll get everything related to 45 degree slopes working by Tuesday-- perhaps even the smaller slopes-- but we will see.

Anyhow. Later!
- Falcon Five