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Fall Through Blocks

posted Jun 2, 2011, 10:07 PM by T. J. Chapman
are stupid.

These are the blocks that the player can pass through from underneath, and then land on top of the block. If the player presses a certain button combination (usually down+jump), he will then fall through the block.

Implementing these blocks have been a real hassle-- I overlooked these types of obstacles when initially coding my engine, and now, when implementing them, I basically have to tell my engine to disregard everything I have taught it up till now-- No engine, no! Do not collide with this block! It is special! Wait, now, yes, collide with the block! Wait, now the player is underneath, do not collide! But player 2 is on top of the block, so collide for him but not player 1!! WHYYYYYY

After much headache, these blocks have been implemented correctly, save for a few little bugs that still need to be sorted out.

In most games, if the player presses down+jump, he will fall through the block. For Robomb, it will be similar, but we will make the player double tap down, so that the player retains the ability to slide along the fall through platforms (down+jump=slide move). These blocks allow for great diversity in levels, and are a great addition to any platforming game.

Hopefully it won't be too awkward for the player to double tap downwards. After deciding to do this, I actually happened to end up playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl at a friend's house. There were no available Gamecube controllers for me to play on, so I used a Wiimote to play (no nunchuk attached). I found out that when you play with the Wiimote, Smash Bros. uses the same concept we are implementing for Robomb-- double tap downwards to fall through these pass through blocks. This makes me feel a bit better about doing it this way-- if the pros (read: Nintendo) sometimes do it this way in order to retain the player's normal abilities on these fall through blocks, then I shall aspire to do the same with my engine. FALCON PAAAWNNNCH!

Until next time!
- Falcon Five