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Level Image Shennanigans

posted Jun 2, 2011, 9:58 PM by T. J. Chapman   [ updated Jun 2, 2011, 10:05 PM ]
The levels for my XNA project, tentatively named "Robomb," will feature hand drawn graphics for the level.

I've found out that XNA's maximum texture is 2048x2048 pixels. This means I will have to split up the textures at initial load time and display them that way. What does this mean? Well, for maximum efficiency, the levels need to be a multiple by width and height of 2048-- that way we don't have wasted space in the levels.

I'm not saying the levels must be square, but they must have the width be a multiple of 2048 and the height needs to be a multiple of 2048.

Also: levels need a 2 tile wide border at the left and right edges of the screen-- these don't have to be visible, just something to keep in mind: some older tube tvs (read: mine) can cut off as much as 10% off of the left side and 10% off of the right side. That means this: don't have anything terribly important to see/go at the first two columns of the level and the last two columns of the level. These need to be borders!

Anyhow, time for some sleep!! Later!
- Falcon Five