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Level Test

posted Jun 2, 2011, 10:22 PM by T. J. Chapman
Created a pretty big level (~10 screens wide, ~7 screens tall) (=7 2048 textues wide & 2 2048 textures tall) to test the engine with. Worked beautifully, with no noticeable problems. I will say however, that we are probably looking at changing to full HD resolution so that more characters will be able to be fitted on screen at once.

This level is probably a pretty close approximation of the size of levels we are looking for-- maybe a little bigger? Dunno. Here's a picture of it, with possible concepts/ideas for the city level?

(Click on the image for the full resolution)

Thinking that the subway area needs to be extended, like, much bigger, somewhere.

And obviously, this is just for testing purposes, but may help with coming up with interesting ideas for our city level. We will make one level really big and really good. And then, hopefully when that is done, there might be time for more-- I was thinking ideally we could have three levels. But one well polished level is good too if time does not allow for three levels.

Anyhow. Later!
- Falcon Five